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Multimedia Designs

Multimedia has combination of two or more of the following elements: text, image, sound, speech, video, and computer programs. These mediums are digitally controlled by a computer(s). In order to get an idea across, one can use multimedia to convey their message. Multimedia embellishes the information for better communication and understanding.

With the use of computers, the user is now allowed to be involved and interactive with the multimedia presentation. The user now has control over the flow of data. Each user can follow a uniquely "personal" trail through the information. This dynamic interaction allows the user to perceive the information at their own speed and getting feedback were necessary.

Today multimedia is used for advertising, entertainment, public information, training and education. Educational computer programs which use multimedia and the interaction of the student allows the student to see their mistakes immediately and guide them to learn a concept more quickly.

E-cards produced by Webspine can help promote your company by incorporating your company profile and product information into Business Card shaped CD's. These business card CD's will showcase your company in action through a CD based multimedia presentation OR your Website, Colour Catalogue, Employee Handbook etc.

These cards are very useful in: